Dangers of using social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Divorce |

How much of your life do you document on social media? If you are like many others, you may even share somewhat intimate or private details with your friends and family members.

Unfortunately, your sharing habits may become detrimental during your divorce proceedings. These are the dangers of using these social media during your divorce.

They are public platforms

Anything you post on social media becomes public. Therefore, if you post private details, they are no longer private. Any one of your friends can share your posts, and no matter what your privacy settings are, others can access your information, even those you do not want to have it.

It never goes away

Even if you delete a post or information from your social media platforms, it is never gone. In addition, because the information is shareable, you are unlikely to find every instance of it on the web. Everything you put online is there forever, enabling someone to find it and take it out of context.

You reveal your lifestyle

Your posts tell your followers or friends what you do every day, especially if you post check-ins or photos. Your former spouse can use these posts against you during your divorce. For example, if you consistently visit restaurants or retail shops or purchase things online, your spouse can suggest that you have money hidden or that you overspend.

Your posts can impact child custody

You may have valid complaints about your spouse, but if you post these rants or unhealthy lifestyle choices, you can damage your child custody case.

For the best results during your divorce, avoid posting on social media.