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Filing for divorce or going to court over a custody dispute or judgment order may very well be the biggest decision of your life. Your emotions may be raw. The frustration with your spouse or the other parent of your child may have reached a peak. Your worries about the effects on your financial future or relationship with your child may be keeping you awake.

I am attorney Timothy Lees. I have been practicing in the area of Minnesota family law for more than 20 years. My experience includes resolving complex property, custody and support issues in family law courts throughout the nine-county metropolitan area and the state of Minnesota. I won't tell you that you are overreacting about your worries. No lawyer should. But I will promise that I have seen even the most frustrating and complicated disputes and family law matters turn out okay, with the help of an experienced attorney.

More Than Just Legal Counsel — Guidance And Knowledge To Empower You

Knowledge is power, and information is empowering. Let's sit down together to discuss your concerns. I offer a free consultation to answer your questions and help you see through your worries. Often, just getting a handle on the legal process will help lift the burden of doubt.

You will find me accessible throughout your case, easy to talk to and compassionate about what you are going through right now. It may help to know that you will get through this. I've worked with hundreds of clients during my career, and each one has ended up coming through it on the brighter side of the tunnel.

With decades of experience behind me, I am ready to answer your questions about:

  • What your county court takes into consideration about awarding alimony
  • How the courts make decisions about custody, parenting rights and child support
  • How court will divide property and debt between the spouses

And if you already have a divorce decree or paternity judgment that no longer works for your circumstances, I can help you petition the court for a modification and negotiate a workable solution.