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Protect Your Children’s Best Interests, With An Attorney’s Help

In divorce or paternity litigation in Minnesota, it is not uncommon for parents to fight aggressively for custody of their children. After all, we value our children, and we expect to develop a special relationship with them. However, it is also not uncommon for one parent to petition the court for full legal and physical custody with the hopes of “taking ownership” of the child. In Minnesota courts, it doesn’t work that way.
I am divorce and paternity lawyer Timothy Lees of Lees Family Law, Ltd., in Edina. I have been helping parents work through custody disputes in divorce and family law litigation for more than 26 years. When it comes to courts deciding who will receive custody of a child, it’s pretty simple: There is no cookie-cutter approach. Judges and family welfare social workers investigate the family circumstances in-depth and expect both parents to remain actively involved in the raising of their child.

Reassurance For The Mother

In most cases, the mother is more concerned about the custody award. It is natural to want to protect the child’s welfare by keeping the other parent at arm’s length, at least until the father demonstrates a desire and capacity to take a responsible, healthy role in parenting. While this may be appropriate in the short-term, maintaining parental rights for the father over the long-term often becomes critical for maintaining a healthy mother-child relationship, as well.

Reassurance For The Father

It is not uncommon for fathers to come into my office to discuss their worries about losing a meaningful relationship with their child if they don’t get joint custody. Remember, custody does not mean ownership. Rest assured, the courts will expect — even demand — that you take an active role in the care and raising of your child. And it doesn’t stop at making sure you pay the child support payment on time. After the custody issue is resolved, you will be given every opportunity to take a healthy, active role in your child’s life.

No Matter Which Side Of The Custody Issue You Are On, I’m Ready To Help

Call Lees Family Law, Ltd., in Edina to arrange a free consultation with me regarding your custody dispute. I am an experienced attorney, and am ready to vigorously represent your custody or visitation interests. I will explain your options and settle your nerves regarding how the courts are likely to rule on your case.

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