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Thinking About Divorce? Consider Your Attorney Carefully

What are you looking for in a divorce lawyer? Check the Yellow Pages, and you will find several pages of family law firms, many offering experienced divorce representation.

I am attorney Timothy Lees of Lees Family Law, Ltd., in Edina, I believe an attorney should do more than just handle the paperwork. Over the course of the next several weeks and months, you will be making decisions about a legal separation agreement that works for you, your spouse and your children. As you work through your short-term separation, you will be making critical choices about long-term solutions that may impact the rest of your life. After your divorce is final, you will be handed a final decree that the courts will demand you live up to. Do you still think just any lawyer will do?

What You Should Know About How I Approach Divorce Litigation

I believe that, at its core, the divorce process must be seen as damage control. As your attorney, I will work aggressively to minimize the damage to your finances, minimize the damage to your children and minimize the impact the divorce will have on your life going forward. I understand how frustrated you may be with your spouse right now. After representing clients in divorce litigation for more than 26 years, there is one important thing I have discovered: Demanding to “destroy your spouse in court” is the worst possible mindset to be in when making decisions about your own long-term interests.

Accordingly, I will guide you toward a reasoned, negotiated settlement in what are typically the three main components of filing for divorce in Minnesota:

Keeping You Informed Gives You The Power To Make Decisions

I have always found that an informed client is an empowered client. Throughout your divorce, you will be facing decisions regarding what you hold dear, what is open for discussion and what you are ready to give away without an argument. I will keep you fully informed about the process, what your spouse’s lawyer is thinking and how your decisions will impact the final outcome.

But I also know that not everything can be handled through negotiations. If taking your dispute in front of a judge is the only way to resolve a complex matter about custody, spousal maintenance or property, then you will have an attorney with a proven record of successful trial representation on your side. Once inside the courtroom, make no mistake: Your attorney’s reputation for integrity, legal knowledge and trial skills are often your biggest advantages.

Do I Sound Like The Right Divorce Lawyer For You? Call Me.

I offer a free initial consultation to review your case. You will be under no obligation to retain me as your attorney. Let’s start by answering your questions. You will find me professional yet very accessible and easy to talk to. Call me at 952-225-5857 or simply send an email with a brief explanation of why you want to talk. I will schedule an opportunity to meet with you as soon as our schedules permit.

My office is in downtown Edina, and free parking is available. I represent clients in divorce litigation in the nine-county Twin Cities metropolitan area and throughout Minnesota.

Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekdays, and evenings and weekends are available by special arrangement.

I can make arrangements to meet at a convenient location near you. Call my office at 952-225-5857.