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Certain Circumstances Can Make Divorce More Difficult

Divorce is difficult under any circumstances. But sometimes, your circumstances can make it more complex. My name is Timothy Lees. As an experienced family law attorney and founder of Lees Family Law, Ltd., I am able to unravel the most complicated situation and resolve your divorce efficiently and effectively, leaving no loose ends for you to deal with later.

Gray Divorce

When older individuals get divorced, it is called “gray divorce.” The divorce rate for individuals over the age of 50 is on the rise in America. Getting divorced later in life, especially if you have been married for over a decade, is more complicated because there are more assets to consider and divide, including:

  • Retirement funds
  • Real estate
  • Pensions, including military pensions
  • Social Security

Gray divorce also requires that your attorney consider your estate plan and other legal documents that you may have signed as a couple.

Small-Business Owner Divorce

Many people own small businesses that are thriving. What happens to these when a small-business owner gets divorced? The business may be considered an asset that must be divided. However, most small-business owners will want to preserve their ownership stake and not hand it off to their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. I can help you protect your ownership stake, making compromises elsewhere to maintain what’s important to you.

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