3 more mistakes to avoid in your co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Child Custody |

Managing a co-parenting relationship and sustaining your child custody agreement can be challenging, especially when your relationship is less than cordial. When you are managing a custody arrangement and co-parenting with an ex, there are things you should be mindful of.

Avoid these common mistakes when you are navigating a co-parenting relationship.

1. Do not cut off communication

Even if you want to keep your ex from texting or calling you, cutting off communication completely is problematic for co-parenting. Instead, create a shared space for communication, such as a shared calendar, where you both can add notes, questions and scheduled appointments or visitation issues. This keeps everything in writing and provides a neutral communication location.

2. Do not disregard the court’s orders

As the custodial parent, you might feel as though you have the final say on visitation if your children are resistant. That is not your call to make. The court mandates the custody and visitation schedules and it is up to you to follow those mandates. Deviation from the court’s orders could leave you in contempt if your ex petitions the court.

3. Do not broadcast your co-parenting issues on social media

You might treat your social media accounts like a repository for everything that is happening in your life, but that is not the purpose that it serves. When you broadcast negative information about your ex, your situation or anything related to the children, it can reflect poorly in court. Keep your personal life off social media.

Avoiding these mistakes can help maintain a successful and cordial co-parenting environment.