What makes gray divorce unique?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Divorce |

Life looks different when you are young. When you got married, you and your partner had every intention of growing old together.

However, as time passes and you go through different phases in your life, your perspectives and outlooks adjust to your new viewpoints. Sometimes, spouses change in different ways and become incompatible. Considering divorce as you get older will look different than when your younger friends divorce.

Here’s what makes gray divorce different from traditional divorce.

Similar process, different mindset

In some ways, divorce is divorce. You and your ex will go through many of the same stages as a younger or more recently married couple might experience.

A gray divorce starts to look different when you look at the mindset of you and your ex. You may be more interested in a peaceful separation than a lengthy divorce. You may also be more likely to choose your battles since getting to the next chapter is more important than winning an argument over assets.

Unique challenges

Now that you and your ex are older, you have different priorities. While younger divorcing couples are concerned with child custody and vehicles, you and your spouse are likely more focused on retirement accounts, social security and healthcare.

When seeking a gray divorce, it is essential to consider your long-term goals to decide what is important as you negotiate your divorce. While gray divorce tends to be more peaceful, it is important to have an experienced professional to help you advocate for your interests.