How social media helps uncover lies during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Divorce |

Many people rely on social media to help stay in contact with friends or family, for shopping or as a resource for hobbies or interests. However, there are times when social media use is destructive and can have a negative impact.

For those going through a divorce, social media is a leading supplier of important evidence that attorneys will use in court. Since there are a number of social media apps and platforms, the digital world offers plenty of opportunities to uncover lies during divorce proceedings.

Spousal or child support

In of the many excuses brought before the court to avoid paying child support or spousal support is that the parent or spouse cannot afford the expense. The judge and state regulations issue child support obligations, but attorneys have the opportunity to request special circumstances given an individual’s financial condition. For those who claim there is not enough money to meet these obligations, Facebook or Instagram photos of an elaborate vacation or a property asset purchase can dispute these claims and present them as lies.

Spousal or child abuse

Claims of domestic violence or emotional abuse can impact the outcome of a divorce. The case may use text messages, photos, emails, instant messaging communications revealing threats, hostile communication or other supporting information to present evidence to the judge. Even if the situation was never reported to the police, deleted or saved communications can be powerful evidence.

Social media use could be either a help or a hindrance during a divorce. There are many ways to use these platforms to uncover the truth of a situation.