3 tips for preparing for divorce

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The choice to separate from your partner is serious and life-changing.

There is no standard amount of time for a divorce. However, the more you are able to work with your spouse to agree on decisions about things like child custody and support, the quicker you will move through the process.

1. Put your children first

Divorce is hard on the whole family, but especially for children who often do not understand all of the reasons and emotions behind the decision to break up their family. Find a gentle way to explain what is happening to them and answer their questions. Put the needs of your children first and never put them between you and your spouse in arguments.

2. Find a support system

Determine which family and friends you can turn to for advice and support during your divorce. You will need emotional support as you go through the stressful and draining experience. Even having a friend to vent your frustrations to can release tension and help you make better decisions.

3. Leave all joint accounts and assets alone

Minnesota is an equitable division state when it comes to marital property. You will go through property division negotiations during divorce proceedings, and a judge will make the final decision to determine a fair division of property for both spouses.

If you are the one filing for divorce and suspect your spouse may take the news badly, close all joint credit accounts when you file to prevent them from running up your credit out of spite. If you are unable to pay off the credit, put a temporary freeze on the account.