5 divorce missteps to avoid

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Ending a marriage is difficult and can leave you feeling like your life has turned upside down. As you work through the complexities of divorce, you can easily make a mistake that jeopardizes the outcome of the proceedings.

Here are five missteps to avoid during your divorce.

1. Ignoring court orders

You must follow all directions issued by a court. For example, a judge may make a temporary custody arrangement. If you fail to follow this arrangement, the court may doubt your intentions to follow future orders.

2. Hiding assets or income

Courts consider your assets and income when making decisions about property division, child support and alimony. You should accurately report your full financial circumstances. Hiding assets could land you in legal trouble.

3. Making a social media misstep

You should assume that anything you post on social media could harm your position in the divorce proceedings. Avoid content that could make you appear irresponsible and resist the urge to vent about your spouse online.

4. Putting your children in the middle

As hard as your split is on you, it can be even more difficult for your children. Try to mitigate the impacts of the separation on your children’s lives. You should help your children have good relationships with both parents.

5. Avoiding all communication with your spouse

Though not always possible or advisable, maintaining communication with your spouse can make the divorce process smoother and ease the transition into your new life.

The key to avoiding major mistakes during your divorce is to try to separate your emotions from your actions. Thinking twice before taking any step could help you achieve a better outcome.