Nesting may give your post-divorce family a short-term boost

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Even if you and your spouse have decided your marriage is over, you are each likely to experience anger, sadness or even depression. Because of their maturity level, your children may face harsher emotional side effects. Providing stability is one of the more effective ways to help your kids cope with your divorce.

If you plan to share physical custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, your children may have to pack up and move houses more than once a week. Common with celebrities for years, nesting may give your post-divorce family a short-term boost.

What is nesting?

Nesting is a co-parenting arrangement that keeps the kids in the family home. When it is your scheduled parenting time, you move into the family residence with your children. Naturally, you move out when your parenting time ends. You and your ex-spouse may choose to buy separate homes, rent apartments or stay with family members or friends when you are not in the family home.

Why is nesting good for kids?

Your divorce may come as a shock to your children. In addition to having to deal with the breakup of their parent’s marriage, your kids may worry about leaving their bedrooms and being unavailable to their friends. By maintaining the family home, your kids have fewer challenges to address.

Nesting is not an option for every post-divorce family, obviously. Ultimately, though, by considering nesting for the first few months or years after your divorce, you may show your kids their emotional well-being is your paramount concern.