Common social media mistakes during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Divorce |

Social media can be a good place to interact with friends, connect with your community and even vent your frustrations. If you have separated from your spouse, however, tread lightly when it comes to your use of Instagram, Facebook and similar services.

Avoid these three common social media mistakes during your Minnesota divorce.

Contacting your ex

If your former spouse refuses to communicate with you by phone or text, you might feel the temptation to send a direct message on your favorite social site. Any written messages can become evidence regardless of channel, so play it safe by staying out of your ex’s inbox.

Posting divorce details

Your private business should remain just that while you go through a divorce. While sharing with a few trusted confidantes can help you handle this difficult time, you have nothing to gain by going public with the details of your split or bad-mouthing your former spouse. Keeping the divorce off Facebook becomes even more important if you and your former spouse have children who may read your posts one day.

Providing photographic evidence

If your divorce ends up in court, your ex can potentially use photos you post online as evidence. For example, photos showing off posh vacations may raise red flags about financial disclosure, while party pics can call your parenting skills into question in the eyes of a judge.

Taking a break from social media is the best course of action for many individuals navigating a divorce. Avoiding these online mistakes can help keep a challenging situation from becoming even more difficult.