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I have helped hundreds of clients find effective solutions in complex family law matters. Let me guide you through your divorce.

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You Need Effective Strategies In Your Divorce

When going through a divorce, turn to me for skilled and dedicated legal representation committed to your needs.

I am attorney Timothy Lees of Lees Family Law, Ltd. I have over 20 years of experience helping people with the divorce process. Using this background, I will develop legal strategies for you aimed at:

  • Reducing the negative impacts of the divorce
  • Protecting your well-being and finances
  • Securing a positive future for you and your family

I will work hard to get you a reasoned, negotiated settlement in your divorce. I also have a track record of success in court, so I am fully ready to fight for you in litigation should that be needed.

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Get The Guidance You Need To Move Forward With Confidence

Divorce involves many life-changing decisions. I aim to fully empower you to make choices that further your best interests and goals. When going through a divorce, having the right information is critical. At every step of your case, I will be fully committed to being accessible and keeping you informed of the process, your rights and your options.